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Our Vision

In collaboration with school districts, colleges, corporations and community based learning leaders, we are determined to equip Canadians of all ages with the required technology credentials to thrive in an evolving digital economy.

Why is Certification Important?

The world we live in is constantly evolving and so are the skills required to have success in school and the workforce. It has been proven that in almost every country around the world, there is a skills gap between the skills people have and the ones they require. The 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge goes into detail about the skills that two-thirds of IT decision-makers claimed their team had and what they needed to reach the company’s objectives.

Certification helps to provide people with the proper skills to close this gap. Having a certification is the difference in being able to say you have the skills and being able to prove you have the skills! Certification improves your resume and gives you the competitive edge you want over your competition when applying for jobs. Certification gives you confidence that you have skills beyond the questions being asked on the exam.

Who is Certification for?

Certification is for everyone! All age ranges can benefit from gaining certification. Whether you are in secondary school and looking to get your first job, or you have been in the workforce for 25+ years looking to make a career switch or working towards a promotion, certification will be beneficial for you!

Certifications Available

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