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Kerri Shields is the Business Administration Leadership Management (BALM) and Centennial’s Certiport Authorized Test Center (CATC) Coordinator at The Business School, Centennial College.

“Kerri is honestly one of the best profs you will ever have. She explains lectures thoroughly and makes sure you really u犀利士
nderstand the concepts” said one student.

In 2018, one of her students obtained a perfect score in Excel 2016 and the fastest time in Canada and was named the Canadian National Champion for Excel 2016.

“Kerri is a fantastic example of an innovative educator”, said Vanessa Knox, President of CCI Learning. “CCI Learning is proud to work with innovative educators to embrace certifications across Canada and we thank Kerri for her efforts and continued support to ensure her students are prepared for the real world.”

Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology is a diploma and degree-granting college located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is the oldest publicly funded college in Ontario, Canada.

Find Out More: To find out more about offering these or other industry certifications contact CCI Learning and speak with  Jon Steeksma Ontario East or Dave Watson Manitoba West, to hear how your educational institution can offer certifications for your students.


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