Code Avengers teaches critical 21st-century skills, including computer programming, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Learners determine how to logically sequence events, and model real situations. They also acquire computational thinking by developing algorithmic and design thinking skills.

Create a future coder with fun and easy courses!

Made by educators for educators. Code Avengers provides the complete solution for teachers to LEARN, PLAN, TEACH & ACCESS Computer Science.

Online Courses for Ages 5-18+

Junior (Ages 5-14)

Junior platforms’ interactive and gamified courses make learning digital technologies fun! Code Avengers junior courses are online learning activities with engaging characters and contexts that provide a scaffolded approach to the digital technologies curriculum for ages 5-14.

Pro (Ages 15+)

Senior courses have been developed with a strong focus on effective pedagogy and are designed for students aged 15 and above.